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Shaanxi Mindu wood floor production factory is located in Weihe Town, Shangzhi City, Heilongjiang Province, is located in the Changbai Mountain branch Zhang Guangcai neck hinterland, is a state-owned forest industry, wood resources are rich; At the same time, in order to ensure the market supply demand, we also imported logs from Russia, the United States, Canada, Europe and other places to ensure that the raw material is sufficient.

The factory was founded in 1997, covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters, has more than 200 employees (among which, senior technicians account for 60%, 6 special operators), the introduction of professional high-precision machinery and equipment, Including 1325 automatic loading and unloading double process row drill, RLT-DL4000 CNC cutting saw machine, MJ700 CNC sports car band saw machine, JLH high-speed circular saw machine, SH--SD2000 automatic double end mortising machine, R-RP-1000 broadband sanding machine, XL3000W electrostatic painting equipment and other CNC machining machine tools. The annual output value is more than 30 million, the annual production of more than 300,000 square meters of sports floor finished products. After 24 years of development, the standardization of production base for people to become the national important wood floor production factory, exquisite craft and skill mature workers, on the basis of the combination of automatic processing equipment, formed a complete process, operating norms, the digital control for the integration of the floor production line, set up perfect environment and quality inspection system, Accurately control every detail of the product to ensure that every piece of floor is in line with the relevant national and international quality standards.

The solid wood sports floor produced by Mindu, such as maple, maple and birch, tussah, and fraxburghil, is widely used in the ground decoration of various schools, government enterprises, and comprehensive sports stadiums. At the same time, it keeps a certain increase of export every year. Up to now, Mindo Industry has provided quality wood floor installation services for thousands of customers at home and abroad, including Cameroon National Stadium, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, Shaanxi Provincial Dance Theater, Dalian Peking Opera Theater, Xi 'an People's Theater, Yichang National Security Bureau, etc. Mindu has always been striving for excellence in quality, unremitting spirit of innovation, committed to creating high-quality solid wood sports floor for the world's consumers, open up a new world of brand, with product strength to win the market recognition and choice.

Cooperation with Heilongjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences - Institute of Wood Science