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Renovation requirements

1、After polishing the real wood floor in the stadium, we need to observe the flatness of the floor. If there are obvious bumps and bumps, we need to polish it again, and the thickness of grinding is about 0.5mm; 2、The corner is less than polished by the grinding machine, so it needs to be polished manually with sandpaper to ensure the effect of grinding, and the method of grinding is to polish with coarse sandpaper first, and then use fine sandpaper, one by one from the four directions; 3、Waxing and oiling after renovation is very important, which can improve the service life and luster of the stadium solid wood floor, so after putty air drying should be carried out in accordance with the order of painting, polishing and waxing.

Renovation points

1、The floor will be thoroughly polished by heavy grinding machine with coarse, medium and fine sandpaper; Polishing and vacuuming work to remove floor surface burrs and all dust. 2、Paint professional sports wood floor paint, paint recommended by international blue Federation FIBA and INTERNATIONAL maple Association MFMA certification of professional sports wood floor wear resistant and non-slip paint. 3、Ensure that all doors, Windows and air conditioning and ventilation systems are closed during painting. After painting the sports wood floor, wait for the paint to dry before re-using the venue. 4、To THE JOINT OF REAL WOOD FLOOR NEEDS REGULAR PROCESSING, ACCUMULATE DUST FOR A LONG TIME OTHERWISE TO HANDLE HARD, MAKE THE SURFACE BEAUTIFUL DEGREE DROPS.
Standard refurbishment process for sports wood flooring

Step 1: Check

Inspect the sports floor before refurbishment. Determine the wear degree of wood floor, select the appropriate grinding tools.

Step 2: Polish

The grinding depth depends on the wear of the floor, and the general range is fixed at 0.5

Step 3:repair

Mix putty powder and floor powder to make putty with the same color as the floor, and repair gaps or other small defects with width less than 2mm.

Step 4: Polish

Use a polisher to polish the wood floor and vacuum the floor. The surface is required to be free of any dust, and the walls and corners are cleaned with brushes and rags.

Step 5:line

After cleaning, paint, line and LOGO the floor.

How to maintain after renovation?

The maintenance after real wood floor renovates needs to wax every month above all, so can maintain the gloss of wood floor surface; At the same time, after the renovation, to avoid hard body collision, otherwise it will wear the surface of the solid wood floor; To the joint of real wood floor also needs regular processing.

Under what circumstances need to refurbish and maintain the sports wood floor

The finish is dull and dull The WOODEN floor OF sports venues in frequent use, surface paint will appear wear, fall off, the original gloss is worn out, not beautiful, but also greatly affect the performance of the wooden floor.
Paint damage, scratch, superficial imprinting The venues that have been PAVED for more than 2 years have partial peeling of paint film, serious wear and tear, paint scratches, cigarette burns and other paint damage.
Panel layer damage, slight tile change Pavement 3-5 years of venues, need to change the competition drawing line, paint scheme, and surface tile change, paint film seriously off the wood layer, board damage, floor cracking, board was hit out of the hole, deeper burn hole.
Single panel holes, cracks, burns There are burn holes, impact holes, board surface rupture and other panel injuries with a depth of more than 2mm in the sports board floor of the stadium, or serious tile change, but the bottom structure is intact.
Mildew from water immersion, arched and floor collapsed The sports wood floor of the stadium was damaged due to water immersion, termite decay and heavy load, and so on. The structure and function of the floor were destroyed.