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  5 major construction processes Craftsmanship precipitation/pay close attention to quality/pay attention to details
  Create the quality of excellence
Relying on strong technical force, vigorously apply and promote three new projects (new material, new technology, new process) Implement the international standard of quality management system version, combined with TQC network plan, Computer and other modern management means or tools for the construction of the project to provide services
  Create the quality of excellence
Environmentally friendly construction/standard construction/delivery is worry-free

Create a garden-style construction site

With the most strict management, to achieve the highest requirements, strive for garden-style construction site, implementation of IS014000 environmental protection policy to create a good working environment. Construction site to live clean site, to prevent dirt dust.
Dust point to do windbreak treatment to prevent dust.

Construction of the whole

In strict accordance with the construction technical scheme, the construction personnel requirements, resolutely do not occur jerry-building, illegal operation of the project quality accidents; Strictly follow the requirements of civilized construction site, civilized construction measures, high standards of implementation;
Strengthen internal security management and external prevention to ensure the safety of people, money and materials;
Obey the supervision company to the project quality supervision, the incoming materials, construction procedures to declare, joint supervision.
  Create the quality of excellence
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