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West Safety Yun Cun Primary School sports stadium 1200㎡ August 10 ,2021
Using a panel Maple birch
Keel structure Double keel
  > Phase III, Quanyun Village, Baqiao District, Xi 'an, Shaanxi
      Yinbo Zhou    mindoo

Case details

West safety Yun Village primary school sports venues with a total area of 1200 square meters, by Shaanxi Mindu Industry to undertake the sports wood floor pavement project; The overall use of maple and birch class A solid wood panel, plus double keel structure, super stability and compressive shock absorption, long service life, superior sports performance.

With the provincial venues

West Safety Yun Cun Primary School sports stadium comprehensive | Maple birch | Double keel
Harbour District Park Basketball Training Centre Basketball | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Ankang Hanjiang Grand Theater Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Double keel
Aviation industry Shaanxi flying staff sports center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Ba Ye Dajing Badminton Hall Badminton | maple | Double damping
Xi 'an People's Theatre Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Single-layer keel

More venues

Shenzhen Honghuashan Middle School ladder classroom and dance studio Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Southeast Guanwei City Sports Stadium Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Basketball Hall at Baozhou Sewage Treatment Plant Basketball | Add maple | Double keel
Beijing Bette Badminton Hall Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Anhui Huaibei University of Science and Technology Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Quzhou National Fitness Center Basketball | Maple birch | The deputy keel