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Yichang National Security Bureau Comprehensive Stadium 935㎡ June 15 ,2018
Using a panel Maple birch
Keel structure Double keel
  > 7 Xudong Dajie, Wuchang, Wuhan
      Dingchao Li    mindoo

Case details

Yichang National Security Bureau comprehensive stadium covers an area of 935 square meters, which is divided into basketball area and badminton area. Both of them are made of Mindu sports wood flooring brand -- birch AB class panel and double-layer keel structure. After the overall pavement is completed, the stadium has excellent visual effect and outstanding sense of sports after being put into use.

With the provincial venues

Fir forest Ran Eagle badminton hall Badminton | Maple birch | Double keel
Yichang National Security Bureau Comprehensive Stadium comprehensive | Maple birch | Double keel
Wuhan Police Physical Training Center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Hubei University of Technology Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Zigui Jinangcheng Junior High School, Hubei Province Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Wuhan sitting room badminton hall training base Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel

More venues

West Safety Yun Cun Primary School sports stadium comprehensive | Maple birch | Double keel
Jinjiang City Hatai badminton and basketball hall Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Changsha Mawangdui GX Basketball Arena Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Shaoxing Shangyu District Party School comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Yunnan Qujing Huize County Fire Brigade comprehensive | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Anhui Huaibei University of Science and Technology Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel