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Nanchong Sports Activity Center 5400㎡ January 02 ,2019
Using a panel maple
Keel structure Double keel
  > 四川省南充市顺庆区北湖路
      Chunyang Wang    mindoo

Case details

Nanchong Sports Center sports area total area of 5400 square meters, basketball, badminton, football and other areas of the sports wood flooring are paved with maple A-class panel, double-layer keel structure, the late painting pattern, color paint after the excellent visual effect.

With the provincial venues

Nanchong Sports Activity Center comprehensive | maple | Double keel
Chengdu Foreign Languages School Xinjin Campus Arun Concert Hall Stage/Theatre | maple | Double keel

More venues

Ba Ye Dajing Badminton Hall Badminton | maple | Double damping
Suilian Concrete Co. LTD Indoor Badminton Court Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Longmen Huizhou Management Center Badminton Hall Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Wuhan Police Physical Training Center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Yunnan Qujing Huize County Fire Brigade comprehensive | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Wuhu Nanling Vocational Education Center training hall Basketball | Maple birch | The rail type