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Ankang Hanjiang Grand Theater 2150㎡ December 16 ,2020
Using a panel Maple birch
Keel structure Double keel
  > East section of Binjiang Avenue, Hanbin District, Ankang City
      Yinbo Zhou    mindoo

Case details

The Ankang Hanjiang Grand Theater covers an area of 2,150 square meters. Shaanxi Mindu Industrial adopts birch A-class panel and double-layer keel structure for overall paving. Mindu Industrial dedicates itself to creating every venue, from details to the whole, to provide quality services for every sports venue.

Ankang Han River Grand Theater is one of the landmark projects of the city to build the core area of "one River on both sides". It is the first national Grade A grand theater in Ankang that integrates artistic performance, cultural exchange and public service.

With the provincial venues

West Safety Yun Cun Primary School sports stadium comprehensive | Maple birch | Double keel
Harbour District Park Basketball Training Centre Basketball | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Ankang Hanjiang Grand Theater Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Double keel
Aviation industry Shaanxi flying staff sports center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Ba Ye Dajing Badminton Hall Badminton | maple | Double damping
Xi 'an People's Theatre Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Single-layer keel

More venues

Guanyun County No. 1 Middle School gymnasium Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Changsha Mawangdui GX Basketball Arena Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Hubei University of Technology Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Anhui Huaibei University of Science and Technology Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Sino-canadian School in Plot E2 of International Park Basketball | Oak wood | Single-layer keel
Quzhou National Fitness Center Basketball | Maple birch | The deputy keel