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What distinction do professional movement wood floor and common wood floor have?
Release time:September 16 ,2022  Source of information:mindoo industrial

Professional sports wood flooring and ordinary wood flooring in material, structure, performance and other aspects have a great distinction!

First OF all, the SPORTS wood floor should have a good load-bearing capacity, withstand the toss, so the sports wood floor structure is much more complex than the household, the level is more, the physical and mechanical properties of the material is higher. In ADDITION, STILL HAVE SUCH AS THE WEARABILITY OF THE FLOOR, RESISTANCE TO POLLUTION, THE HARDNESS OF PAINT FILM, REQUIREMENT SURFACE LAYER IS NOT EASY BLISTER, THE DETAIL RESPECT THAT HAS STRICT CONTROL TO WAIT FOR QUALITY TO CHROMATIC DIFFERENCE FROM THE CONSIDERATION THAT AVOIDS TO LOOK IS REQUIRED.

Next, MOTION FLOOR MAINTAINS MAINTAINS ABOVE ALSO TO have VERY BIG difference WITH HOUSEHOLD FLOOR. The average household wood floor maintenance in order to protect its surface and achieve aesthetic effect is need to wax, wax and sports wooden floor is not of, sports wood floor to floor surface friction coefficient have strict requirements, if the floor surface is too smooth, athletes in the process of movement, due to the low friction coefficient and easy to cause foot slippage, Affect the normal level of play, serious will also slip accident.

Finally, the sports wood floor has good anti-skid, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, beautiful and so on a series of characteristics in line with the requirements of sports performance, according to the German DIN standard said that the best sports wood floor is with maple. Because it has wear-resisting and anticorrosive properties, and there is basically no color difference on the effect of laying.

In addition to the higher professional performance requirements, the most essential difference between the sports floor and the ordinary wood floor is that the sports floor has a keel structure system; The professional sports wood floor has a professional keel structure.

The keel structure from top to bottom is composed of the following parts: panel, moisture-proof layer, multi-plate layer, keel, shock cushion; The whole structure meets the three major functions of sports wood floor (sports function, protection function, technical function) and six sports performance indexes.

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