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What should coastal city use sports wood floor to notice?
Release time:September 16 ,2022  Source of information:mindoo industrial

Sports WOOD FLOOR APPLICATION IS VERY EXTENSIVE, EACH INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUCH AS NBA MATCH, Olympic Games HAS THE SPORTS WOOD FLOOR THAT ASSIGNS USE. Current primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities, institutional units, hospitals and so on have their own indoor sports venues, ground materials used are sports wood floor.

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Sports WOOD FLOOR ENTERS OUR COUNTRY FROM 90 TIME, ALREADY LARGE AREA POPULARITY IN SOUTHEAST COASTAL AND DEVELOPED CITY. However, due to the influence of climate factors in coastal cities and high air humidity, special attention should be paid to the selection of sports wood flooring and pavement. We suggest the following points:

01 Regulate the moisture content of the floor in advance according to the local climate

In southern coastal areas, water content must be strictly controlled. The moisture content is best in 11-12%, the highest is not more than 14%. Consider the construction time, transportation distance and weather conditions along the way, site environment, weather, whether to store and how long to store and other factors, sports wood flooring must be done before the factory moisture content regulation.

02 Make the floor waterproof and moisture-proof

① The ground of the sports hall must be waterproof in advance according to the professional requirements.

(2) The foundation ground (usually concrete ground) requires as smooth as possible, no sand, uneven surface.

(3) when leveling, the flatness error is best kept at less than or equal to 3mm (measured with 2m ruler and wedge feeler); The elevation error of the whole site is ±5mm. If there is any error, professional leveling should be carried out in advance with cement, quick-drying powder, etc. After leveling, the ground needs to be tested again, and the installation can meet the requirements.

④ Concrete, cement foundation ground should be dry, humidity control within 10%; And the ground is kept clean and free of any debris.

Damp proof measures in floor installation

In southern and coastal areas, due to high humidity and easy breeding of insects and ants, we must do a good job of waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, mildew and other technological measures during construction, especially pay attention to:

· Pay special attention to sealing joints when installing moisture-proof film;

· The joint of the keel and the joint of the wool board should be left with a gap of 1-3mm, and the gap between the surface floors should be generally left with a gap of 0.2-0.5mm according to the width of the floor, the moisture content of the floor at that time and the balanced moisture content of the local wood;

· Wood floors must be used as ventilation holes around the site to ensure the circulation of concealed works air and indoor air to prevent the decay and deterioration of internal materials;

· All hidden parts shall be treated with moisture proof, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, termite prevention and deformation prevention.

Daily care of sports floor in coastal city gymnasium

(1) Pure real wood floor has a certain amount of water absorption, so try to avoid using or not large water mop to scrub wood floor.

(2) the playground on the wooden floor is not permitted to water immersion, rain and snow day air relative humidity is relatively large, pay special attention to close the Windows and doors, to effectively reduce the venues air relative humidity, conditional the dehumidification function of air conditioning can be used for dehumidification (desiccant should reduce indoor air flow), to ensure that the indoor humidity in standard. It is recommended that the ambient humidity of the venue should be maintained at 40 ~ 60%, and the temperature of the venue should be adjusted between 10℃ and 35℃ as far as possible. The indoor temperature should be no more than 18℃ in winter (when not in competition).

③ Sports stadium maintenance staff pay special attention to often check the swelling or contraction of the wooden floor, check whether the deformation seam is abnormal, and remove the dirty dust accumulated in the seam.

④ The natural environment humidity in coastal cities is high, it is likely that the sports wood floor system in conventional weather is also easy to appear wet swelling, arched, twisted condition, conditional can use air conditioning, environmental humidity regulation equipment to adjust the environmental humidity of venues.

⑤ Curtains should be installed on the Windows of sports venues as far as possible to prevent excessive temperature difference and exposure of wood floors.

⑥ It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, esters and other solvent oil products, and caustic liquid such as alkali water, soapy water, high temperature liquid to clean sports wood floor, in order to prevent damage to the paint film.

⑦ No sprinkling water, drinks, etc., no littering, cigarette butts, metal and hard objects with pointed points.

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