Wooden floor for gymnasium High-quality raw materials are selected from the vast forest area in Northeast China. The performance of impact resistance, deformation resistance, wear resistance and skid resistance meet the DIN standard of Germany and the International Badminton Federation certification.

Maple panel


Maple and birch panels


Oak wood panel


Canadian maple panel

High load movement floor system The floor structure meets the requirements of various professional events, with strong stability, superior seismic performance, safety and comfort at the same time.
Single-layer keel
Double keel
Double keel shock absorption
Rail keel
Thousands of high standards - high quality sports venues Every case is high-quality, focus on creating high-quality sports venues, professional construction team with rich experience to provide every time of quality service.
Intelligent scenario-based solution
Three major advantages of high-performance sports wood flooring Selected maple, birch, oak wood and other solid wood plate, texture fine, not easy to break, with the characteristics of stability and artistic consistency!
Q:Sports wood floor environmental protection and safety how? A:Selection of natural log, green environmental protection; The floor is anti-slip and wear-resistant, strong shock absorption and excellent rebound. The products are in line with E1 standard of European Union and DIN standard of Germany.
Q:How durable is the sports wood floor? A:Material density, high strength, wear resistance and impact resistance, professional structure system to ensure the durable and stable performance of the floor.
Q:How comfortable and beautiful is the sports wood floor? A:Floor soft and hard moderate, good elasticity, comfortable feet; With natural beauty, soft color, texture fine symmetry, light and bright tone.
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