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Our company in line with the "quality first, reputation first" business purpose, firmly establish the "quality is rations" principle, established a user return visit system, in this project to do:
① During the warranty period, our project department will make a return visit every six months.
② Do the project found problems, as long as Party A according to the "contract" on the contact phone number and contact person contact, we guarantee to do within 24 hours with materials on-site maintenance.

1、Comprehensive description of after-sales service

After-sales service includes the following contents: ① Can provide professional design, construction scheme, to ensure the best construction process and effect; ② Professional installation guidance services; ③ Training services; ④ Warranty service; ⑤ Data and information services;

2、Professional construction services

① Appoint professional wood floor installers; ② Provide professional sports wood floor construction equipment for construction; ③ In order to improve the quality of the site, our company provides the construction standards and acceptance standards of the site;

3、Free warranty service

Free maintenance period is 1 year after the completion of the project;

4、After-sales consulting service

After-sales telephone consultation service of the company to guide and solve the problems encountered in the process of using the site;

5、Information Information Service

Our company will send the latest information of the sports wood floor to the owners through EMAIL and telephone, and the owners can also get the latest information through telephone and other ways;

6、Lifetime maintenance service

The company will carry out lifelong maintenance of the above products after the end of the warranty period, and charge cost fee and preferential labor fee for all services during the period.

7、After-sales staff service

The company's after-sales service personnel, after receiving your call, according to the following prescribed time to arrive at the site of the equipment: Xi 'an 4 hours; Within 12 hours of 100 km; Within 24 hours in the province; The company has offices in cities and regions the same treatment;

8、Trace Access service

The ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT of our company regularly conducts follow-up visits to users: a tour visit every three months, a key inspection every six months.