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Yushu Convention and Exhibition Center 1955㎡ January 15 ,2019
Using a panel Maple birch
Keel structure Single-layer keel
  > Longqing Road, Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
      Ya Xu    mindoo

Case details

Yushu Convention and Exhibition Center indoor sports stadium area of 1955 square meters, using birch AB class panel, single-layer keel structure for pavement, sports wood floor standard layer thickness and shock absorption characteristics to reduce noise, while the sports performance has reached the international testing standards.

With the provincial venues

Yushu Fire Brigade comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Yushu Convention and Exhibition Center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel

More venues

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Fuzhou City competitive Biao basketball Club No.1 arena Basketball | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Zigui Jinangcheng Junior High School, Hubei Province Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Ba Ye Dajing Badminton Hall Badminton | maple | Double damping
Southeast Guanwei City Sports Stadium Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel
Tianchang Hongqi instrument panel factory Basketball | Maple birch | Single-layer keel