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Yushu Fire Brigade 900㎡ August 30 ,2018
Using a panel Maple birch
Keel structure Single-layer keel
  > Yushu City Zhaqu East Road and Tiejian Road interchange
      Ya Xu    mindoo

Case details

Yushu Fire Brigade indoor sports stadium covers an area of 900 square meters. The indoor sports stadium is paved with Mindu sports wood flooring brand -- birch B class panel and single-layer keel structure, which has good performance in the later use.

With the provincial venues

Yushu Fire Brigade comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Yushu Convention and Exhibition Center comprehensive | Maple birch | Single-layer keel

More venues

Tangshan City first good badminton hall Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Yunnan Qujing Huize County Fire Brigade comprehensive | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Shenzhen Honghuashan Middle School ladder classroom and dance studio Stage/Theatre | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Sports Center of Wuqing District, Tianjin comprehensive | Maple birch | The deputy keel
Longmen Huizhou Management Center Badminton Hall Badminton | Maple birch | Single-layer keel
Anhui Huaibei University of Science and Technology Basketball | Maple birch | Double keel